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Regional Launch Lead

Местоположение Гуанчжоу, Guangdong Sheng, Китай Идентификатор вакансии R-064568 Дата публикации 10/29/2019

JOB PURPOSE   工 作 目 的

  Summarizes the job’s purpose or role and why it exists in the organization

  概 述 工 作 的 目 的 或 角 色 及 其 在 机 构 内 的 价 值

To enhance business growth through central marketing excellence, we need this role to :

     -Local brand synergy and portfolio strategy;

     -Conduct Central Market activity control;

     -Implement individual development plan and improve capability of central marketing managers;

NATURE & SCOPE   工 作 性 质 及 范 围

(a)   Organization structure  

           ( Please attached an updated organization chart of your team 请 附 上 你 所 属 团 队 的 最 新 结 构 图)

     -    Functionally reports to   功 能 汇 报           (Please specify position title   请 注 明 职 位 名 称)

Central MKT Director

     -    Operationally reports to   运 作 汇 报

Central MKT Director

     -    Position title of subordinates/ Number of subordinates    下 属 的 岗 位 名 称 及 人 数

Central Marketing Manager

(b)   Key working relationships  

     -     Internal Relationship内 部 联 系

           -Central  MKT;

-Medical team (MSL team)

           -Regional Sales Team;


           -Regional KA team

     -     External contacts with organizations outside AZ    外 界 联 系


             -Local Medical associations or institutes

             -Key Account  

(c)   Job requirements    

     -     Academic / Professional qualification     学 历 / 专 业 资 格

          -Bachelor degree in medical or related area;

                 - Some basic business English skills;

    -      Functional Competency

                 -Leadership Capability;

                  -Passions for customer;

                  -Think strategically;

                   -Drive Accountability;

                  -Act Decisively;

                   -Work Collaboratively;

                   -Develop People and Organization

                   - Competency Model;

  • Working experience ( No. of years  年 资/job function  工 作 功 能/business types  业 务 种 类 )

Essential     必 需      

  • Minimum 2-3 years of marketing experience, and marketing management experience is preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of total working experience

              Desirable    理 想

  •  >2 years of MKT working experience;
  • 2nd level management experience


Brand Strategy and Synergy


  • Develop marketing strategy to optimize nationwide product launch;
  • 参与产品上市全国市场策略制定;
  • Be owner of regional marketing analysis, form regional marketing implementation scheme;
  • 负责区域市场分析,形成区域市场落地方案;
  • Be responsible person direct at regional in the central, cooperate and guide marketing scheme;
  • 作为中央市场部区域对口负责人,协助和指导区域销售团队, 执行市场方案;
  • To analyse marketing dynamics on time, ensure execution effectiveness;
  • 及时分析市场动态, 确保执行有效性;
  • Manage marketing promotion mix for each product in order to maximize promotion efforts;
  • 管理市场活动组合,把推广投入最大化;
  • Organize marketing team meeting regularly to enhance synergy cross different therapeutical Area;
  • 组织市场团队会议,强化市场在不同治疗领域间能做到整合
  • Co-ordinates and conducts product training.
  • 协同或组织产品培训;
  • Develops creative product/brand campaigns reinforcing the positioning.
  • 制定创新的市场活动来强化品牌的定位;
  • Evaluates effectiveness of promotional material then conduct Recall Test, and adjusts as necessary.
  • 评估推广策略的有效性并按需要做相应调整;

Creative Activity Design


  • Understand business priorities both national-wide and regional level;
  • 了解公司层面和区域层面的业务需求;
  • Foresee MKT dynamic and seek opportunities to enhance capability of creativity;
  • 能够预见性地看到未来的市场动态,并且能够不断寻求机会来提升市场团队的创造力;
  • Build up an internal environment to encourage innovation;
  • 建立鼓励创新和创意的工作氛围;
  • Build long-term partnership with professional creative agencies to optimize our investment;
  • 与外部的专业机构建立长期的合作关系以优化投入和产出;
  • Design tracking system to build consistent improvement of creativeness;
  • 设计跟踪流程以保证不断的更新和进步;

People Management and Talent Acquisition

  •  Recruit talents to build up effective team;
  • 通过高效的招聘来建立高效的团队;
  • Be responsible for performance management;
  • 负责市场经理的绩效管理;
  • Build talent pool within team ;
  • 建立市场团队的人才发展计划;
  • Understand competency model of subordinates and accomplish annual talent review;
  • 掌握市场经理能力模型并指导区域市场经理的人才评估及发展计划制定;
  • Provide coaching and feedback to team members to enhance team effectiveness;
  • 负责对市场经理进行辅导和反馈以提升团队效率

Team Effectiveness 

  • Be a key member of regional launch, to link between regional and central cross-functional, maximize team cooperation force;
  • 作为区域上市核心成员,担负区域和中央跨部门之间的纽带,最大化团队协作力量;
  • During the process of promote launch, keep channel, diagnostic and training etc. to get excellence operation;
  • 促进上市过程中,包括渠道,诊断,培训等各环节的运作顺畅;
  • Manage expenses to ensure costs remain within budget while seeking more efficient and productive forms of promotional expenditure;
  • 管理支出以保证良好的预算管理,同时寻求提升支出效率的方法和形式;
  • Develop individual marketing plans for each product in portfolio;
  • 协助市场经理制定产品计划;
  • Ensure effective cross functional working, and alignment of team to brand objectives Builds cross-functional team effectiveness with marketing, sales, regulatory, medical colleagues to ensure successful delivery of strategies.
  • 建立跨部门的团队来确保的市场策略得以完整的执行;
  • Shares best practice and learning with marketing colleagues to build knowledge and competence.
  • 开展经验分享以帮助市场团队对提升技能;
  • Maintains good interpersonal relationships.
  • 与团队成员及其他各部门保持良好的互动;
  • Takes responsibility for own personal development.
  • 提升个人的技能

AstraZeneca embraces diversity and equality of opportunity. We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse team representing all backgrounds, with as wide a range of perspectives as possible, and harnessing industry-leading skills. We believe that the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We welcome and consider applications to join our team from all qualified candidates, regardless of their characteristics. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations on non-discrimination in employment (and recruitment), as well as work authorisation and employment eligibility verification requirements.

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