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【Medical】Senior Data Scientist/Data Scientist, Medical本部 EOR Data Science

Местоположение Осака, Ōsaka-fu, Япония Kita-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Япония Идентификатор вакансии R-123140 Дата публикации 11/23/2021

■ 職務内容 / Job Description

Data Scientist(DS) is a key player of evidence generation in Medical division of AZ KK. Therefore, DS surely plays the following roles. DS directly reports to the director of Data Science, EOR.

1. Advice/co-leading of AZSS
To provide advises about study design, endpoints, analysis, and interpretation of study result from an Epidemiological point of view and lead observational/database research with team members in Medical Div.
2. Assessment of study design/target population/data source/data handling
To review plans of observational/database research and support for necessary documentations(clinical study protocol, Statistical analysis plan, speculation, and clinical study report/manuscript)
3. Oversight of venders (timeline management, quality of outputs, & resource)
To oversee vender performances to achieve responsible studies effectively
4. Survey the necessary information for data assets
To survey databases that AZ is/will be able to access for using our research

■ 応募資格(経験、資格等)/ Qualification (Experience & Skill etc.)

【経験 / Experience】

<必須 / Mandatory>

1. Clinical research Associate(CRA)/Data Management (DM)/Statistician(STAT)/Project leader (PM) in clinical development
2. Make protocols for clinical trial(CT)/observational study(OS)
3. Interpret research results and make presentations at the academic association meetings/manuscripts

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

On top of the mandatory experience,
• Experience in reviewing, assessing and using Real-World data for the research purposes to address clinical / research questions
• Networking, integrating and using electronic medical records (EMR)/electronic health record(EHR) data for the clinical/Epidemiological research
• Using/applying bioinformatics methodologies to analyze medical big data / database / scientific research outcomes
• Health Technology Assessment in building models, estimating Health Care resources, analyzing the health economics/technology and crafting value propositions

【資格 / License】

<必須 / Mandatory>

• Master degree in Engineering, Science (Math, Physics, informatics) or equivalent
(individuals holding MD/Public health/pharmaceutical science degree may be acceptable
• Professional Data analytics

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

• PhD of the Public health, Epidemiology & Biostatisticsis desirable

【能力 / Skill-set】

<必須 / Mandatory>

1. Programming skill for Python, R, SAS in clinical/observational study
2. Data handling skill for health Care data
3. Medical writing/Publication of own researches
4. Exchange insights with external with respect to informatics
5. Presentation at meetings

<歓迎 / Nice to have>

On top of the mandatory skill-set above,
• Design, construct and implement the process/platform of database research by using data
• Evaluate a health care data to make clear drug characteristics

【語学 / Language】

<必須 / Mandatory>

日本語 Japanese
Read/write scientific documents including data speculation in Japanese
• Communicate/discuss IT/bioinformatics topics with the key stakeholders and experts in Japanese practically

英語 English
Read/write scientific documents including data speculation in English
• Communicate, and discuss IT/bioinformatics topics with the key stakeholders and experts in English practically
• Make a English presentationleading and facilitating research discussions in the global meetings

【その他 / Others】

<必須 / Mandatory>

• Make training plan about applications
• Harmonize process with global
• Communicate with external experts to search for suitable computer environment in AZ KK
• Learn new methodology and knowledge with respect to machine learning and neural network

【キャリアレベル / Career Level】

D or E

【勤務地 / Work Location】

Osaka or Tokyo

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